DR Powell

Too many people let their situations stop them from being who God means for them to be. As I look to scripture for a story of success and accomplishment, I find one where a man of service, a God fearing, loving man, takes on an impossible task.

He was a man in the king’s service who had absolutely no power in the government and yet his obvious faith and pride in his country and people influences the king to temporarily breach his service so he could pursue the impossible task.

His name was Nehemiah and his task was to rebuild the torn down, battle damaged wall around his beloved city of Jerusalem and construct its new gates.

In his quest to restore the city wall, which he did in 52 days, he restored the spirit and hope of his people along the way.

You may not have Nehemiah’s abilities, or feel you can do something great for God, but there are two ways to become who you were meant to be in him.

First, be a person who talks to God regularly. Allow him into your life, your hopes, your dreams, your fears and your needs.

Second, be a person who walks with God regularly. Put his word into action. Put what you learn to work. God may have an impossible mission he wants to do through you.

God Bless